That's me, Shari Romar

That's me, Shari Romar

The URL best sums it up: I love birds, bugs, plants, and other critters. Thanks to a tolerant mother who didn't mind some grime and all the wildlife I brought home (I understand she wasn't much different as a child), I spent my young days romping through backyards and fields around my suburban Chicago home.

Fast forward many years, and I'm just as keen about nature -- especially in urban settings like my home in New York City which I share with my husband who also doesn't mind the critters I bring home.

This site is the combination of my love of nature and enthusiasm for photography and writing.

On the more professional side, I have a degree in Ornamental Horticulture and a Master of Science in Environmental Studies.  Over the years, I've been a member great organizations including the American Public Gardens Association, New York State Ornithological Society, Xerces Society, New York City Audubon, American Littoral Society, New York Women in Communications, Professional Women Photographers, and North American Nature Photography Association.

Questions? Feel free to contact me at!