So much, so little time!

There's just too much going on for me to even begin writing about, particularly since all my free time is taken up with printing photos for Queens Botanical Garden's big Arbor Fest this Sunday, May 1 from 11am to 4:30pm.  Not only will I be at a table selling bird, bug, and plant photos along with greeting cards and magnets, but I'll also be leading a bird walk with my birding pal Chris at about 11:30am.  The weather looks great, so you have NO excuses to miss this delightful event full of tours, walks, demos, vendors, music and food! Besides this preparation, I just can't believe how everything has bloomed in the last couple days.  So much so that my sinuses are suffering (just ask any of my friends who have been dealing with my sniffling complaints!).  But what a spring it has turned out to be!  Found a robin's nest, have enjoyed the morning seranade from a cardinal outside my apartment window, and, after a few days of concern at QBG, workmates have informed me that our nesting Kildeers have 3 new chicks!

Really looking forward to tomorrow afternoon when I'll be taking a walk with friend Amanda through Riverside Park to the Forever Wild NYC Parks area and maybe even to Grant's Tomb.  Spring flowers, spring migrating birds, newly emerging insects, lovely landscapes -- what could be better?  Promise to upload photos soon!

Once I have a spare moment,  I'll be chatting with a great botanist friend who is concerned about the destruction of an old-growth oak forest just off the Grand Central Parkway in Queens, NY.  Seems the land was State owned but now tranferred to a developer who will demolish the forest.  Admittedly, I did not plan for this website to be focused on activism but rather general nature appreciation, yet not addressing this issue simply didn't seem right.  Check back soon for more detail.

Finally, last Friday I was so happy to be asked to take the nice folks from Green City Challenge around Queens Botanical Garden for a tour.  Sure, the day was cloudy and rather cool, but we had a great time and I was proud of my favorite Garden as they raved about our delightful setting.  Thought I'd share the post on their website.  You can visit them and learn more about their great work when you visit QBG for Arbor Fest this Sunday!

Quick photos from my iPhone this time, but wanted to share the blooms of QBG -- enjoy!